The Benefits of Toning Your Skin

skincare toning and why its important

For Part III of the Skincare series, let’s talk about whether to tone or not to tone your skin. Some people are all for it while others don’t even know why they should. Below, I examine just some of the benefits of toning your skin as a part of building your solid skincare regimen:

Toning Has It’s Benefits…

Toning your skin after cleansing or exfoliating brings your skin’s surface back to a balanced pH level. By doing this, it reduces the chances of getting too oily throughout the day. You can finally do away with those blotting papers.

Toning solutions containing green tea or rose water are also calming for irritated skin, they help reduce redness and the appearance of acne scars. Those with aloe are great for ladies with dry, flaky skin as it brings balance and infuses moisture that your skin will thank you for.

…But It’s Not Essential

It’s all about personal preference. Some beauties have found (or have made themselves) a special beauty tonic that does wonders for their skin while others really want to keep things simple and save time. For myself, I do tone but not consistently. When I do, I usually make my DIY skin toner with rose water and I find that it gives my skin the added glow I want.

Closing Notes

Toners/astringents such as Witch Hazel and those that contain alcohol can be drying for beauties that have dry skin. To get max results, avoid toners containing alcohol and instead, look for those containing rose water and/or cucumber which have a hydrating effect on parched skin. Well hydrated skin is a key factor in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. So there you have it, toning isn’t essential but it definitely doesn’t hurt to add a little extra into your self-pampering sessions.


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