Smoky Poppy – A Luxurious Experience

When I learned about  The Body Shop Smoky Poppy range, I was instantly intrigued. I’m not really a floral girl but there are certain flora that catch my attention and among them is the Poppy.    With that said, trying this range was a no-brainer and I’m glad I did because I love it.  The scent has a hint of sweet (definitely not too flowery) warmed by smoky, subtle musky undertones. It smells like all-around sexy.

I purchased the body butter, shower gel and body scrub and using them as a system has made bathing feel so luxurious.  A luxurious bath experience is something I seek regularly as my temporary escape from busy life.  The shower gel is black and works into a rich, lather but isn’t as creamy as I would have expected.  The body scrub is amazing and my favorite of the bunch while the butter is rich and moisturizing.  It soaked in to my skin so easily and didn’t leave it feeling greasy or oily.

The Body Shop - Smoky Poppy - Review

Body Shop - Product Review - Smoky

The Body Shop - Product Review - Smoky

The Body Shop - Product Review - Smoky Poppy

I mean just look at it, The Body Shop has really done wonders with the packaging alone making it alluring and seductive.  The packaging alone makes you want it.  You’ve got to try this for yourself.  I promise you won’t regret it.

I purchased the Mini Gift Set for $9.00 and the full size Body Butter for $20.00.

Body Shop  Product Review - Smoky Poppy Review