Sexy Date Night Makeup Look

It’s been a while, aye? Oh how I’ve missed you!  Trying to start your own business is hard work but trust me I have not forgotten about my first love.  My babies and my business take first priority these days but I want my blog (itself) and my blog readers to know that I’m thinking of you all the time!  Lately, for me though it’s been talk of marketing, education, branding, etc. as far as business goes and then my home life involves everything that boys like:  including but not limited to football, bikes and teenage mutant ninja turtles–you get the idea.
With that said, I simply cannot express in words HOW excited I am to be sharing this makeup look with you.  Instead of talking about boys and men, I get to talk about girly things with you all (which also involve boys and men sometimes but not today!)  The thing I love most about this blog is that it’s mine and has nothing to do with my husband r my two baby boys.  So let’s get to it shall we?
I like this look because it’s a slightly smokey eye-gives a little bit of a smoldering makeup look and the contouring of the cheeks really makes those cheek bones pop out!  That’s a look that I always love.  This is an easy look to try when you’re used to doing the basic makeup look but want a little more jazz and pizzazz.  I’ve even made a video tutorial on how to achieve this look.  Check it out:

Products Used:


Lids: MAC Soba

Outer Corner: NARS Coconut Groves

Inner Corner: MAC Rice Paper

Brow: Rice Paper


Foundation: MAC Face & Body – C6

Concealer: NYX Glow

Bronzer: NYX Copper

Contour: NARS Casino


Liner: NICKA K Nude

Lipstick: NYX Circe

Gloss: BOBBI BROWN Blushed Heather


MAC Eyebrow pencil in Spiked