Rihanna and Vanity Fair in Cuba

Rihanna Vanity Fair Cover Story

Rihanna and Vanity Fair headed to Cuba and created a gorgeous editorial with none other than the completely amazing photographer, Annie Leibovitz.  In this interview she discuss issues such as domestic violence, Rachel Dolezal–calling her a “hero” and why she doesn’t sleep around.  I won’t share too much because I want you to buy it and read for yourself.

I will say though, read another article last week, and please forgive me I don’t even know from what source but she was being interviewed as Robyn.  Not Rihanna, the bad girl we all love to think we know, but the real her.  And even in this Vanity Fair piece, there is a maturity there that I didn’t pick up in years past.

It got me thinking:  It’s around the age of 27 that it happens for most women–a spring of maturity happens suddenly as if we’ve stepped to the next level of becoming a true woman.  I hear that in this article and  I appreciate that this interview wasn’t full of fluff asking where she likes to shop and what inspires her style.  I like to know what goes on in the mind of my favorite celebrities and I think Vanity Fair did a great job on the interview.  This article gave me just a little more insight on who Robyn Rihanna Fenty really is and the woman she’s become.

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