Purple Natural Hair

purple-natural-hair-shaved-sides-style-ideasCan I tell you just how happy I am to be back to my shaved sides.  So happy, in fact, that I thought I’d celebrate with purple natural hair.  There was just no other way to do it than to try something new.

Before doing this, I was terrified. I honestly thought it was going to be too bright and I’d have to walk around looking like a fool for the next few weeks until the color washed completely away.

Quite the contrary though, I’m looking at it and it’s not bright enough.  I’m glad I did this and I’m finding myself stepping outside of the box alot more lately and not just in the areas of hair and beauty but in life.

The dye I used was the Semi-Permanent Hair Color by Adore in Violet Gem

To get a brighter color pay off, I’d probably need to go nearly platinum blonde which I’m not opposed to.  I’ve never taken my hair above the level of honey blonde so platinum would be a huge leap for me.  I’m at a point in my life though where I feel free enough to try most anything I can dream up.  Here’s to remaining open.

First stop, purple hair.  Next, who knows…


purple-natural-hair-shaved-sides-style-ideasI really love how the purple hair really toned up and complimented the color of my eyes.

How adventurous are you with your hair color?