Fall Favorites: Lipstick – Volume I

Left: Natural light, Right: Flash
Last year, I made a about getting up the courage to be more bold in my approach when it came to lipstick.  I went from Revlon Reds to Rimmel Roses & Berries and as of 10 minutes ago, I’ve got a few NYX lipsticks on the way from Cherry Culture.  It’s safe to say that I’m ready to venture out & try some of the shades I’ve been eyeing by MAC & Smashbox now that I’m confident I won’t be wasting money.

In the meantime though, I’ve picked up a few more drugstore lipsticks that I am oh-so-pleased about.  When it came to drugstore lipsticks, I pretty much stick to Rimmel London.  I like the Mayebelline “flavors” but something in the formula always chaps my lips shortly after applying.
While on my latest beauty run, I decided on a whim to pick up a few by Covergirl–two from the Queen collection and wow!  They surely give Rimmel a run for their money.  All three of the lipsticks I picked up are highly pigmented and don’t take loads of effort to apply.   I would, however, recommend liner for the fabulous hot pink (Tempt) because that baby stains like no other.

Tempt – Covergirl

This shade reminds me of a matte version of the my Rock&Republic gloss in Loudmouth.

South Beach Sand – Covergirl Queen Collection
Tawny Port – Covergirl Queen Collection
I love these lipsticks so much that I’m going back to get more. Up next, a neutral, a brown-red and a plum/berry.
p.s. I also reshaped my eyebrows…giiiiirl they were a mess. 
What are your favorite lipsticks/glosses for this season?