Music Love| Miguel

R&B singer Miguel began a stint of promo shows for his Art Dealer Chic project which consists of three albums titled Kaleidoscope Dream.  Earlier this week, he performed at Joe’s Pub in NYC as Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview debuted on July 31st.

Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview is scheduled to be released September 11th and then, bringing it all together, the final release, Kaleisdscope Dream will be a full length album featuring five new songs set for release on October 2nd. 

Check out the official video for his latest single, Adorn, which has been on repeat on my SoundCloud playlist for the past month.

Side Note:  Why do we have the same friggin’ hair cut? Haaaaa!

My mom keeps telling me it’s a “boy haircut”.  Dah well! I love it! Check out the videos (and audio) below.

“Use Me “(Live)

“Don’t Look Back” (Live)

Miguel is seriously one of those artists that I don’t believe gets the play and recognition that he should. I’m often a fan of the folks that fly just under the radar and I suppose I could be considered part of their unofficial street team.  This guy is a a true star in the making and I’m always ready and willing to put the word out about artists that have gotten and kept my attention.  I’m so excited about this set and I can’t wait to see what else he has for us.