Music Love | Dawn Richard (GoldenHeart Album Snippets)

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for along with every other Heart:  Dawn Richard is set to release her much anticipated album, GoldenHeart on Tuesday Janaury 15, 2013.  The album will feature 16-tracks including one of my favorite tracks so far, ’86.

Released from her contract with BadBoy in early 2012, Dawn has begun establishing her own sound and carving out a place for herself in the industry.
“The last six years have been a
battle for people to understand and conform me into what they really want me to
be and I’ve kind of had to protect that throughout this whole journey,” said
Dawn.   “It’s kind of the story of me
protecting this Goldenheart, which really kind of symbolizes my own and
my passion for this music thing and really who I am.” 
Dawn is clearly an artist that doesn’t get enough promo but she has been doing quiet well with buidling a solid fan base.  Kudos to Dawn for all her hard work and making a way for herself.  What a breath of fresh air she’s proven to be in an industry suffering from a lack of passion and plain ole good music.  

Check out the album snippets below:


’86 [Eighty Six] (Complete Song)

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Dawn released the not-so-traditional Christmas EP, “White Out” on iTunes in December.
BUY THE ALBUM here: Buy “White Out” on iTunes 

Here’s one of the beautiful songs from “White Out”, Miles.