Happy New Year | Let’s Hit Reset

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Hello loves!  I’ve been gone far too long and it’s high time we had a heart to heart.  For the last year, I’ve felt completely uninspired when it came to blogging.  I’d log in to the OhYesItsV dashboard and stare for ten–sometimes twenty minutes.  Often debating whether or not to write about this topic or that topic, I’d get nothing written at all. After a while, I stopped coming to my blog completely.  Any blogging “juice” I’d had in me had been drained and I thought, “Why bother?”

I love to blog though, dammit.  I enjoy having a space of my own, a place to share my thoughts, inspirations and beauty looks.  After evaluating my attitude and the content on this blog, I realized that I needed to write more of what made me fall in love with blogging in the first place.  There are far too many posts that contain just beauty, which I love, but it’s not enough for me.

Happy New Year! Let’s Hit Reset!

To kick things off I’m sharing how I’ll be resetting my thoughts and intentions for 2017:

1. Fasting.  When it comes to fasting, people immediately think of food, however, that’s not the only thing you can fast.  I’ll be fasting a few bad habits of which I want to rid myself.  These bad habits have become what I feel to be detrimental to my success in some areas.  Fasting those bad habits for a period of time will aid in me getting my life all the way together.

2. Get More Exercise.  I’ve battled with my weigh since I had my first child and I want to get it under control.  I have noticed that when I exercise more, my focus is greater and I’m more productive on my blog and other work.

3. Commit to Writing At Least Once A Week.   I love my blog and not only do I want to communicate with you all more, I want my blog to grow and be successful.  I find myself not knowing what to write when I feel disconnected.  I’m disconnected when I’m not writing consistently and so, I will write more in order to connect more.

Are these my resolution for 2017? You could say that but the word “resolutions” always feel so empty.   I’m looking to reset my intention in order to change the trajectory of my life.  What I want more than anything is to finish what I start and that includes this blog.