Guest Post: Timing is Everything

Meet Misha’el (Mi-Shy-L). Not only is she one of my besties but she is also an aspiring entertainer, actress, model located in California making her own way in showbiz.  Recently, she filmed her first music video and is ready to debut it to the world.  It’s been a long time coming but things are quickly beginning to unfold for my girl.  Check her out below. 

 If you ever wondered why things are just now happening for you or something is just being received that you have waited for so long to get, this is why… 

 Timing is EVERYTHING.

 With time we are able to reflect on what we could’ve done differently with no regrets.  We are able to see how we will make the next thing bigger and better. We are also able to see in hind sight why it was a good thing that some things took as long as they did to show a result.  When you are aligned with your destiny everything will always be right on time.

 SIDE BAR ALERT: Watch Benjamin Button, there was a perfect example of this very thought in that movie. 


 I am so proud to present to you my very first official music video to the acoustic version of You’re the One. This video was directed by Sheldon Schwartz and I am blessed that he took time out of his shooting schedule so that he could work with me on this project, along with Keith Kuramoto, Richard “L.R.” Elie and Chad Davis.

The cast and crew are amazing. I am so blessed and thankful that we got it done. This is merely the beginning. I really do hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed shooting it.

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