For the Shoe Obsessed Vol. 6

best shoes for fall 2015~

You know what? It’s been over 3 years since I created a “Shoe Obsessed” post and believe it or not, it was one of my most popular and favorite series on this blog at the time.  I can’t believe I let this fall to the wayside but I’m bringing it back!  I’m not even sure why I ever gave it up because I search for shoes online nearly everyday–a little extreme but true–I can’t help myself.

Now, I don’t always purchase, of course, as my wallet can’t keep up with my lustful ways.  Plus, Chief is not having it.  And if you didn’t know this about me already: I’m about being debt-free at this time in my life so if my wallet can’t handle it, it won’t be touched by a credit card either.  Hashtag: i can’t.

But without further ado, let’s get into the shoes that I’m currently coveting (and you very well may too).  Right now, it’s all about the peep toe and the fringe as we’re about to step into cooler weather.  Nothing looks cooler to me than fringe and lace up peep toe booties right now.

Volume Six

I’m not sure whether I’ll do this as a monthly feature or not–I’ll have to feel it out. It will, at the very least, be a seasonal feature which I look forward to curating at each change of the season.  I hope you enjoyed this feature, my beauties.

What shoes are you coveting this season?