Fire In The Sky (OFF TOPIC)

What you are about to read is what I’ll consider one of the greatest dreams I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what anyone’s faith is that comes across my blog but it is my hope that all who read it, will do so with an open heart and mind. I love educated and thoughtful dicussions and I love to hear/read the thoughts of others so long as it does not disrespect of demean the beliefs of others. Negativity has no place here. 

I’ll start this by saying that I’m a child of God and I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and rose again on the third day.  I used to be timid about putting that out there but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been very bold about it and not afraid to be the first one to bring up God or Jesus in a conversation. As the Jesus said, “Whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before my Father who is in heaven.”  Matthew 10:32-33


Often I have vivid dreams of many super natural beings, wars fought between good and evil, angels speaking with me and protecting me and all kinds of other things that may or may not scare me.  Alot of other times, I dream particular dreams about events or situations and then they come true though I never realize it until it actaully happens. 
But my dream last night and many other dreams that I’ve had have all lead me to the questions:  Is Deja Vu some type of whacky phenomenon or is God speaking to us through our dreamsAre dreams just unconscious manisfestions of our fears, passions & fantasies? 

I believe that dreams are just dreams some days but other times, dreams are given to us because a message needs to be delivered. I have a pretty good idea of the message in my dream last night but I want other to weight in. This is my dream:

Chief & I were leaving dinner with a few friends.  Some I could see their faces and other I could not.  On the way out of the restaurant, Chief and I were discussing the fact that we’d missed a friend’s birthday and he was suggesting that we head to Macy’s to look for a present.  As he’s talking, I look up at the moon and it was shining SO bright and brilliant–nearly blinding. It was so gigantic and close as if I could reach up and touch it but as I looked closer, I could see that there was something boiling and bubbling underneath the moon’s surface.

As I was about to say something to Chief to tell him to look, the moon went completely black and the Earth fell completely still and quiet.  Seconds later, there was a loud bang and the moon exploded. Bits of the moon fell down to the earth as fire balls.  Complete chaos broke out around me but I stood still next to Chief as the pieces of moon pounded the earth like asteroids.

I looked up again into the sky and there was a small hole rimmed with gold that began to open wide and then tore the sky open.  Out of the hole and descending to the earth was a fiery whip.  Random balls of fire spewed from the hole and the whip slashed all those that tried to run for cover.  

I was fearful at first but then a gentle voice inside of me said “Don’t be afraid.” I then started jumping up and down looking into the sky saying “Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus!”  Chief was still standing next to me in awe and I closed my eyes and said to him in the calmest voice.  “It’s happening, babe.  Just like the Bible said.”

Then I woke up and it’s not as if I was trying to wake up but it seemed as though I was pulled out of the state of sleep because I was only being given a preview of what may come.  I believe that God is SPEAKING.

What do you think about the dream? Believers and non, weigh in.