Skincare Repair: The Current State of My Skin

The Current State of My Skin

As promised, I wanted to update and share the current state of my skin.  Since I’d started the Mirena, it’s reeked havoc on my skin and it’s taken a little over two months to get my skin going in the right direction again.  I’ve tried several products since December and for the majority of the time I’ve used Bliss Triple Oxygen Skincare Kit.  I haven’t been anything but frustrated trying all these products and not seeing so much as even a slight amount of progress.

After getting the Mirena removed, I knew that my Bare Minerals products would get the job done for me but I was determined to try other lines.  Nothing worked as much as I would have liked and it wasn’t until I started experimenting and combining different product lines that I started to see leaps in improvement. (Reviews on all those products are coming up very soon.)

Without further ado, here are photos on how my skin has improved since February.

As you’ll notice in the photos, the hyperpigmentation has visibly decreased and my skin is much less splotchy.  The frequency of break-outs has dramatically decreased as well, however, I’m still having texture issues on my forehead and in my chin area which I will eradicate in the next few weeks.

FEBRUARY 19, 2015

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APRIL 28, 2015

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Steps I’ve Taken To Improve My Skin

1. Drinking water (at least 72oz/day but usually 96oz)

2. Cleanse and moisturize daily

3. Exfoliate twice a week

4. Steam and using charcoal mask 1/week

What I Will Do From Here On Out

 1. Continue regimen as listed above

2. Switch back to Bare Minerals (as that’s what works for my skin)

After I finish out the Bliss product line, I will be picking things back up with my holy grail Bare Minerals to finish the job.  The Bare Minerals skincare line has been the answer to what my skin had been needing after having children and I can’t wait to start using them again.  I expect the texture issues to be just a distant memory before I get even half way through the products.

Great products (products that work for you) are only half the battle when it comes to keeping your skin healthy.  Maintaining healthy skin is a practice and takes lots of patience especially when things go array.  Many other factors aside from products play a vital role such as stress and hormone levels, medications, environment and exercise and eating habits.

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