Her Given Hair Kinky Curly Hair Review

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A few weeks ago, I received a shipment of the Her Given Hair Kinky Curly Hair extensions after being asked by the company to test and review the hair.  I received 2 bundles of the 18-inch extensions and a 16-inch closure. Once I received the hair, which came in beautiful packaging with their logo on it, I washed it right away.

I used a sulfate-free shampoo for the first wash and then co-washed for the second.  While washing the hair, I had a little shedding but nothing that I would consider serious.  I also didn’t seal the wefts though, which Her Given Hair recommends.  Sealing the wefts would definitely help with reducing the shedding.

I usually never install hair I received from companies, as I like to make wigs.  And that’s exactly what I did with this hair.  Once I put the wig on, I felt like Tina Turner or something.  I couldn’t stop playing around.  The only issue that I have with this hair –and this is purely personal–is that it’s too dark for me in it’s natural color.  With that said I’ll be coloring the hair and you know I’ll share that process with you as well!


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All in all,  I really like that hair.  The Kinky Curly extensions are convincing as it looks, feels and fluffs like my own natural hair. It’s also more forgiving on the frizz than my own natural hair when I fluff it alot. You natural ladies know how it is, too much fussing with your natural tresses and it turns into a puff.

Watch the Video

For the full review of the Her Given Hair Kinky Curly Hair extensions and how to cut and styled your wig, check out the video below: