Beyonce for Vogue Magazine

beyonce vogue magazine sept 2015

Since the inception of Luxe Beauty, I’ve been raving on about my girl Beyonce and I would be remiss if I didn’t give Beyonce’s recent Vogue cover at least a mention.  This is Beyonce’s third time being on the cover of Vogue (US) and I had to snatch this one up.  And I’m not a vogue magazine subscriber but just because Bey was on the cover, I had to make sure it was part of my epic magazine cover collection.  Yes, that’s an actual thing.  I may share it with you one day.

Beyonce has celebrated her birth month in style for sure.  First, by wowing us and rocking out at Made In America Fest and then showing up on the cover of Vogue looking all haute couture and sexy-like.  I’ll sound like a true stan when I say this but whatevs:  After all this and being able to see her live in concert, my life is now complete.

Ok I’m kidding but one thing is for certain:  Beyonce is consistently fabulous and each time she brings us something new, she SERVES it.  And there we all are, eating it right up.  Love her!

beyonce vogue magazine sept 2015beyonce vogue magazine sept 2015beyonce vogue magazine sept 2015beyonce-september-cover-2015-03